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Ron C.

Real Estate & Mortgage Broker

Sal is truly the consummate professional in all aspects of insurance and investment industries. I have had the privilege of attending a presentation/seminar given by Sal where he methodically and skillfully fielded and responded to questions by his peers as well as high functioning professionals on on his given subject matter. His many years working in his field have truly distinguished Sal as an experienced, trusted authority of the highest order.

Shirley S.


Sal and I met back in 2007 when I was with another company and he was hired by our Controller for 401(k) reallocation and policy implementation. Sal was professional, knowledgeable, and prompt in any questions I had. Having a financial background myself, Sal was able to talk with me one-on-one and answer more in-depth questions. He was confident in his abilities, knew the policies, and investment options (upside, risk-adversity and timelines for retirement) very well. I recommend Sal if you want a professional who isn’t going to forget that YOU are his client.

Laura R.

VP. Senior Underwriting Counsel

I have known Sal for many years now, having met him when he was working as an insurance professional in upstate New York. As an estate planning attorney, I referred many clients to Sal for insurance products in connection with their estate plans. Sal has always been hard-working, honest, knowledgeable and personable. I knew that he always had the client’s best interest at heart and offered them the best solutions for their particular needs. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Ryan B.

Branch Manager Cross Country Mortgage

I have known Sal Sofia for over 4 years now and Sal is a highly educated financial adviser with strong values and character. He is an adviser that always looks out for the best interests of his clients before anything else. He has helped several of my clients with retirement planning, risk mitigation, financial advising and insurance services over the years and each one of them gives him praise. I would highly recommend Sal Sofia in any capacity.

Ken A.

VP RMC Group

Sal is a very experienced General Agent. He can help an independent minded Financial Adviser get to the next level. I highly recommend his services.

Jim B.


I consider Sal Sofia my mentor as a professional in the financial services business. Sal took me under his wing at MetLife in the early 90’s, and taught me business techniques that have sustained me for over 18 years. Today I own & operate my own Financial Planning firm, and there are golden treads of Sal Sofia laced throughout the company.  Sal is tough & demanding, as well as an honorable gentleman. A tremendous bonus to Sal’s credit is the skills I personally learned working with him are both life skills as well as business skills. As I look at the lives touched and aided by my company over these past years, a part of that is an extension to the credit of Sal.  Today, Sal remains a seasoned leader, strengthened by the refiners fire of a life guided by principle, character, and integrity.  May God continue to bless Sal Sofia all the days of his life.


Pres. The Sena Group

Sal Sofia pure and simple knows his stuff. Having been a financial services professional many years myself, I can tell when someone is on top of his game or just faking it. Without a doubt Sal is not only knowledgeable about a variety of life insurance and investment products, but just as important knows the right product for the best solution to a clients security and investment needs.  Trust, honest, and high integrity are always essential in any business endeavor, but especially so in a field that has recently been riddled with ponzi schemes and fast buck making con artists. Anyone placing their trust in Sal can sleep well at night knowing his advice is honest and sincere.

Doug T.

 I have worked and known Sal for many years. He offered inspiration and support to me when I first started my business. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional in everything he does, while maintaining the down-to-earth quality that makes a great person. I will always view him as a mentor to me.

Gloria K.

Pres. Income Tax Preparation

Sal is information oriented and will surely provide optimum service as he has done for us . He is not only knowledgeable about the area of personal insurance but is conscientious in his handling of all aspects of the position.
I recommend him highly to anyone who wishes to find a sincere professional who is interested in obtaining excellent service for his client.

Nancy B.

Senior Sales Director

Sal is a terrific businessman! I trust him, would recommend him to any of my friends, he is honest, forthright and always felt he has his clients needs first.
I have know Sal for many years while he was in New York and would recommend him 100% as a financial advisor, as well as a loyal friend.

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