• Mortgage Protection Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance

* For quotes on Whole Life Products or Indexed Universal Life contact us directly

Here you have access to insurance companies across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates. Our real-time carrier updates, when combined with our experienced intelligent underwriting, will always find you the lowest rates no matter your age, gender, health status, prescriptions, weight or background.

  • We offer the New Life Insurance featuring “Living Benefits” paid to YOU while alive for critical illness, chronic or Long Term Care health expenses, for example:

    • Pays you for Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Alzheimers, plus 12 other injuries or illnesses.
  • Compare best rates and benefits from only Top-Rated carriers with No Obligation To Buy

  • Policies with “Lifestyle Credits” to help you obtain even better rates!

  • Not want to take an insurance exam?  No Problem!  We can get you up to $1,000,000 with no exams.

  • Diabetes, History of Cancer, or Heart Condition are accepted

  • Our highly experienced medical underwriters work with you to get you the best rate possible!

  • Whole Life, Indexed Life and Disability Income plans available

  • No agent meetings – apply on-line!

As most life insurance agents are mainly salespeople and not fiduciaries, proper due diligence must be done when working with an agent along with the companies that they represent.  When shopping for a policy, choose an agent that is fully independent, one that is not captive or semi-captive as they may not be able to provide or represent products from all companies some which may be most suitable for you.  We are proud to say we at IQS are independent advisors and have access to the fullest list of companies to work with.