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Did you ever think of how the attributes of a property you are looking to purchase could affect you later?  The attributes of a home or investment property have a direct effect on the price of property insurance.  The majority of the dwelling attributes are used to determine the dwelling coverage limit and some attributes stand alone on the affect it has on your property insurance.

The Cost to Replace.

Replacement Cost Estimates (RCE) are typically required by insurance companies to determine the dwelling coverage limit of your property insurance.  The estimate is completed by insurance agents through entering the majority of the dwelling attributes into a program.  The program calculates the cost to replace your dwelling in the event of a total loss.  Some of the information we gather to complete an RCE are listed below:

Year BuiltConstruction TypeRoof Type
Roof ShapeLiving Square Footage Number of Stories
Wall HeightNumber Bathroom(s) & Quality TypeNumber of Kitchen(s) & Quality Type
Floor TypeMoldingsNumber of Doors & Type
Electrical AmperageHeating & Cooling SystemAttached/Built-In Garage
Attached Porch/PatioAttached PoolsAttached Screen Enclosures

The more accurate the replacement cost estimate is then the more accurate the coverage limit and cost of insurance will be.  The information is gathered from different sources such as, from the owner of the property, property appraisals, county records, and current photos of the property.

Property Features that stand-alone on affecting your insurance cost in a positive way!

Year Built

Newer homes get better rates for different reasons, but eventually the credit does fall off.

Construction Type

Dwellings built of Reinforced Concrete construction have the biggest positive affect on the insurance premium, however this type of construction is typically only found in high rise buildings.  In all my years as an agent, I can recall only three clients of where their single family homes were built of Reinforced Concrete.

Dwellings built of Concrete Block/Masonry Construction have a lower insurance premium than those built of Wood Siding/Frame construction.

Roof Features

The roof cover, roof shape, roof deck attachment, roof to wall connection are all features that can have a positive effect on the insurance premium.  A wind mitigation inspection report is required by insurance companies to determine what the dwelling is equipped with.  There are many variations that can result in different amounts of discounts and therefore if and what the discount will be can only be determined when the report is furnished.  Some insurance companies automatically apply credits to newer homes in some counties, which is why it would be advisable to first consult with an agent before ordering an inspection.

The roof shape can be determined without the wind mitigation inspection.  The roof shape can be confirmed through aerial views and current photos of all four sides of the dwelling.  A hip roof shape can result in a discount.

Wind Protection

A dwelling equipped with hurricane shutters and/or impact glass windows may receive discounts.  A wind mitigation inspection report is required to determine what the dwelling is equipped with.

Secured Community

Many insurance companies offer discounts to properties located within a secured community.  A secured community could be a 24 hour gated community that is manned or allows entry through a passkey/passcode.  Some companies will even apply a discount if your community has a single entrance.  A signed statement from the association on the association’s letterhead detailing how the community is secured would be required to determine eligibility for discounts.


A home equipped with a monitored central station burglar and/or fire alarm can be eligible for discounts.  A current Alarm Certificate (less than one year old) from the monitoring company is required.

Contact me for a property insurance review to confirm your policy is being rated accurately.

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