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Insurance & Asset Protection

Insurance is essential, but to so many can seem complicated and vague when it really can be presented in a way that makes sense. Read more about insurance here…

Retirement Planning

When to, how to, where to, and what amount of money? Does your head spin when you hear stock market, 401(k) the Dow is down and you need your income? Learn about the many Qualified Retirement Plans and the reason most are moving toward “Non-Qualified” retirement accounts.

Estate Planning

Do I need a Trust? What is a Will? Why is a Health Care Directive so important today? How is an estate transferred? Read about this and more in this section

College Savings Plans

You say you can never save for a child’s education? We can show you how to accumulate enough money to pay for 1 year of tuition from over 380 Universities across the country without investing a penny, learn how.

About Us

We are experts in the fields of Life Insurance, Long Term Care Planning, Health Insurance, Tax Favored Retirement Plans, Income Planning, Business Owner Transition and Succession Planning, Company Benefit Package Solutions and Property & Casualty Insurance. Our clients range from the millennial through retirees with many high net worth individuals, entertainers and athletes seeking our advice.  With client and insurer relationships that span decades we provide the most optimum strategies and products customized to match the specific and pressing needs of our clients.

We improve your insurance programs by helping you:

  • pay less for your insurance.
  • structure insurance products effectively with efficient use of your money
  • secure more favorable rates and,
  • use the tips and secrets of the trade to your advantage when shopping for insurance.

We have guided thousands of clients in choosing the best plans for protection, wealth accumulation and estate preservation.

We built our reputation on making our clients “equal in knowledge” in and believe in serving others adhering to this 4 Way Test:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it the best deal for you?
  3. Does it place your interests above ours?
  4. Will our actions foster long lasting relationships?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the College Savings Plan?

There’s many ways to save for College Tuition. These are the more widely accepted methods, some of which offer tax savings along the way. Others can help a higher net worth individual who is the grantor of the account for benefit of the child transfer assets out of their name as a tax and estate planning play. Learn more…

Do you offer Tailored Retirement Plans?

We help individuals and business owners establish the optimum plan taking into account their threshold for taxable income, the need for a current year tax deduction, investment volatility risk, life expectancy and health considerations. For corporations we advise on non-qualified retirement plan structuring and guaranteed income programs.

How do I choose the best Life Insurance for my needs?

It’s often been said, “the type of policy that works best is the one that is in force when you die!” While that’s a true statement there are many factors, variables and products which can lead you to make the WRONG choice rather than the correct one. We will help you simplify your Life Insurance selections here…

I think I need a Will, or a Trust? What is the best way to get an estate plan that is properly written for my State without spending $2,000 to $3,000?

This is the best way, Use our NetLaw link here  an award winning site guides you through all aspects of what you may need – easy, efficient and drafted properly in all 50 states. Spouse will is free, Simple Will, with Revocable or Irrevocable Trusts, Health Care Directives, POA, and cloud based storage everything you need. Only $500 and I believe they they may be running a buy one get one free for anyone else you choose. Simply follow the questions, print their material and get it Notarized and witnessed, all done!
Go to our easy-to learn page where you can read everything and ask questions if you have any.

Helping Individuals and Small Businesses

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As an estate planning attorney, I referred many clients to Sal for insurance products in connection with their estate plans. Sal has always been hard-working, honest, knowledgeable and personable.

Laura R. | VP. Senior Underwriting Counsel

He has helped several of my clients with retirement planning, risk mitigation, financial advising and insurance services over the years and each one of them gives him praise.

JRyan B. | Branch Manager Cross Country Mortgage

Sal Sofia pure and simple knows his stuff. Having been a financial services professional many years myself, I can tell when someone is on top of his game or just faking it.

John S. | CLU CHFC Pres. The Sena Group

His many years working in his field have truly distinguished Sal as an experienced, trusted authority of the highest order.

Ron C. | Real Estate & Mortgage Broker

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